10 best things to do after beating Diablo 4 campaign

How to farm the Vile Apothecary Heart in Diablo 4
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The main campaign for Diablo 4 is a rich, immersive, and expansive experience. While the story is a little short clocking in around 18 hours, that’s only half of what the game offers. The other half is the end game, which has tons of things you can do. While optional, playing the end game came help make your build stronger. After beating Diablo 4’s campaign, there’s a lot more to do. Here are the ten best things to do afterward.

Diablo 4: 10 Best endgame activities

The good thing: Blizzard Entertainment has left an endless amount of content that you can do after the campaign. On top of that, there’s tons of content that can only be accessed when you beat Diablo 4’s story. So let’s get back into the action.

Paragon Leveling

You can get access to this system after you’ve leveled to 50, however, it seems to be a better idea during the endgame. Through the Paragon Board, you can enhance your build and make it one that’s unique to just you. If you want to hone a certain aspect of the build, the board can help with that.

Tree of Whispers

This is one of the best things to do after beating Diablo 4’s campaign. Basically, this tree gives out more quests and bounties for you to do. They cycle out, so each time you go to it, there will be something new to do. It’s worth it as well. Apart from getting XP and gold, you’ll also get Legendary gear. Sometimes you may even get a whole set.

Capstone Dungeons

These dungeons will be available after you beat the campaign of Diablo 4. While there are tons of endgame dungeons, Capstone Dungeons seem to be on the harder end of the stick. Not only are they tougher, but they also take more time to beat. But we suggest you do them during the end game. When you complete one, you’re able to go to a higher World Tier.

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Helltide Events

These events only happen on World Tier 3 and 4 and randomly appear. What makes them one of the best things to do after you beat the campaign in Diablo 4, is that the enemies will drop very rare loot. In some cases, Helltides will have bosses that drop even more rare loot. But make sure you’re well-equipped to deal with these events, things may get out of hand quickly.

Nightmare Dungeons

Much like Capeston Dungeons, these are a task on their own. The good thing about completing them, these dungeons may drop high-level loot like Instaible Fury or Tempest Roar. However, in order to open them you must find a Nightmare Sigil in Sanctuary. Each Sigil will only open the dungeon it’s designated for, so this may also add more play time to your game by locating each one.

Do the Renown

This is the challenge system of Diablo 4 and is a great way of getting more skill points after beating the campaign. For each World Tier, it seems like the Renown objectives change. Doing these challenges will not only give you at least ten skill points, but you’ll also other rewards like gear, money, or XP.

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Try out the PVP

This mechanic has been overhauled in Diablo 4 and has gotten more competitive. There’s no PVP in Diablo 4’s open-world. However, there are zones. These are called Fields of Hatred, located in the Dry Steppes. In these zones, you’ll fight both PVE and PVP, and your rewards will be Shards of Hatred. These shards can be extracted to give you Red Dust. One of the reasons why this is a great thing to do after Diablo 4’s campaign, is that it keeps you on edge. If you’re doing really well during the PVP mode you’ll be marked, allowing other players to swoop in and kill you, and gain even more XP from you.

World Bosses

We saw a taste of what they can do during the betas earlier in the year. If you’re planning on taking them on, make sure your build and the team’s makeup are right. On top of that, participating in a world event with includes players both in and outside your party, so ensure you and everyone else have a sound strategy. These boss fights will last a while, so be prepared for a long fight.

Switch the classes

When you beat Diablo 4’s story, you can opt to replay the game either by skipping the story entirely and going to the endgame, or redoing it. If you skip the story, things may be harder with your new character, but you can be engaged better. Plus, you can get a plethora of endgame loot early on. This may also level you up faster, so it could be a good idea to start at the end game early on.

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Jump to a higher World Tier

Doing this has pros and cons. The positives are that you get more gold and XP when you’re on World Tier 3 or 4. That just means you can level up faster. However, the downsides are because they’re on higher levels, Diablo 4 as a whole just got harder. Enemies are now more formidable and can take more damage. That’s why it’s recommended to do these tiers after you’ve either leveled up high enough or, have beaten the game.

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