10 best things to do while waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2
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10 best things to do while waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2

You still have work to do, Guardian.

As the community adjusts to Episodic content, we know there will be multiple weeks between content drops. With this in mind, here are 10 of the best things to do if you’re waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 to drop in Destiny 2.

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The best things to do before Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2

Content may seem a little scarce coming off of The Final Shape campaign, but there are still plenty of activities to do. These suggestions are in no particular order but should provide a few time-sinks even if you’re a hardcore player.

Complete A Rising Chorus Act I

10 best things to do while waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

At the time of writing, A Rising Chorus Act I is the current story quest. The questline has 25 short steps, and we’ll likely see a similar content drop with Episode 1 Act 2.

If you’re going to do any single activity on this list, I recommend completing “A Rising Chorus Act 1” so you’re up to date. If you do this now, you can dive straight into the new content when it goes live. Honestly, there are a few monotonous tasks sprinkled in here. Don’t force yourself to do it all in a single sitting if you’re not having fun.

Participate in the Iron Banner

10 best things to do while waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2
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The Iron Banner PvP event lasts for two weeks post-Final Shape and has a respectable pool of weapons up for grabs. You can play Control for the first week and Tribute for the second, so pick your favorite.

I understand PvP isn’t for everyone, but the barrier for entry into Iron Banner has never been lower. If you’re a returning player, you may remember Light Level was a big deal in Iron Banner. This is no longer the case, so you can participate regardless of gear.

Reach Light Level 2000

The Light Level cap is over 2000, and many activities become more manageable when you reach this milestone. Many Guardians were shocked when they tried Strikes and Nightfalls post-Final Shape, as they are notably tougher than they were during Lightfall.

10 best things to do while waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can start to reel that difficulty in by increasing your Light Level. There’s always a bit of luck when farming for high-level gear, but there’s plenty up for grabs from activities that reward Pinnacle Gear.

Farm Pale Heart Red Border Weapons

10 best things to do while waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2
No Hesitation Auto Rifle – Screenshot: PC Invasion

Some incredible Pale Heart weapons are up for grabs and can be shaped for enhanced perks. There’s no rush to farm for these guns, but they will be helpful in tougher content.

A couple of Pale Heart guns even made our Top 15 Legendary weapons list! The Call and No Hesitation are among the strongest Legendaries in the game, and both are worthy of the Red Border grind.

Reset your Cryptarch rank

10 best things to do while waiting for Episode 1 Act 2 in Destiny 2

You can increase your standing with Rahool the Cryptarch in the Tower by decoding Engrams with him. Oddly enough, you unlock a new feature called Focused Decoding Tier 3 when you reset your rank for the first time. You can reset your rank by reaching level 16 with Rahool, much like you do with other Vendors.

You’ll need plenty of engrams to do this, but it’s worth the trouble as the service offers easy access to the new Final Shape Exotics. There’s plenty of luck involved when farming for engrams, but you can easily snag three Exotic Engrams weekly by completing Strikes.

Participate in the Breach Executable activity

Arena: Breach Executable is a seasonal activity only accessible through the HELM node on the Director. Loot is surprisingly abundant in this mode and is well worth your time. If you’re ready for it, the Expert difficulty is fun and gives you tons of good rewards.

Between rounds, you can search the area for samples, which you can cash in at the end for even more gear. Sadly, this part of the activity isn’t adequately explained, and many casual players will run ahead while you’re sample hunting. With this in mind, Arena: Breach Executable is better with a premade Fireteam.

Defeat every Overthrow Boss in the Pale Heart

The Overthrow bosses were pretty buggy when the Final Shape was released, so many players held off participating in the activities. Most of the errors are fixed now, including the infamous Servitor bug.

Overthrow bosses drop Motes of Light for an Exotic Weapon and are part of a larger quest to unlock the coveted Dual Destiny activity. I won’t spoil anything here, but I urge you to learn how to do it, as it’s arguably the best mission in the entire game.

Complete the Dual Destiny Exotic Quest

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Dual Destiny is a unique quest that requires two players and a bit of setup to start. The mission is full of creative puzzles that require brains and communication to solve. There are tricky mechanics, difficult battles galore, and a brutal time limit that punishes your mistakes.

The Dual Destiny quest lasts just under an hour and rewards you with unique Exotic Armor if you’re strong enough to beat it. The quest is also replayable as the Exotic rewards have an outstanding pool of perks.

I doubt Dual Destiny is going anywhere, but if you’re hurting for things to do, I cannot recommend this unforgettable quest enough. I attempted the activity severely under-leveled the first time, but it was much more enjoyable when I reached Light Level 2000.

Unlock the Khvostov 7G-0X

Those Motes of Light I mentioned earlier are one of a few prerequisites to unlocking the Khvostov 7G-0X, but the grind is absolutely worth it.

The Khvostov is an Exotic reimagining of the first weapon every Guardian uses in Destiny. It’s also exceptionally powerful and has already been slapped with the Nerf hammer to keep it in check.

If you’ve not got the Khvostov 7G-0X yet, you’ve already missed it at its most potent, but it’s still a superb rifle and one no Guardian should miss.

Reach level 100 in the Season Pass

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve completed every task on this list, you’re already well on your way to level 100. You may have noticed the Season Pass is time-gated and split into three sections. The next page will unlock the day Episode Act II launches.

Reaching level 100 will take a while, and this is a long-term goal you can pursue in your own time. That said, there are some cool rewards on the second Season Pass track, and you can get them first if you’ve already hit the level cap.

If you’re on your way to finishing everything on this list, how’s your Exotic arsenal looking? There are a ton of superb Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, and some of the old-school choices are top-tier to this day.

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