Best units to use Emblem Camilla with in Fire Emblem Engage

Camilla Fire Emblem Engage

Wave 2 of Fire Emblem Engage DLC includes more items, Emblems, and cosmetics. One of the Emblems given to players to use in the second wave of DLC is Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates. Camilla is the sister of Corrin and is very complicated to pair with in battle. Here is our guide on the best units to use Emblem Camilla with in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best units to use Emblem Camilla with in Fire Emblem Engage

The best units to use Emblem Camilla with are Mage Knights, or defensive units with little movement. Camilla’s skill Soar grants units an extra +2 movement, also allowing them to move as if they were flying units. 

Emblem Camilla, much like Emblem Corrin, is an Emblem based around manipulating the field around you. Her Dragon Vein abilities differ from Emblem Corrin’s slightly, which makes them both viable for use in your party. Emblem Camilla also has decent attacking power with her axe/magic-based Engage attacks.

Mage Knights

Emblem Camilla pairs well with Mage Knights due to Camilla’s magic-based axe and tome Engage Weapons. She also grants these units the movement buff with her skill ‘Soar,’ which can lead to units with the Cavalry unit type getting extra movement. If you were to class into the lance variant of the Mage Knight, you could also take advantage of Emblem Camilla’s Lance Guard skill. 

Another thing to note with this pairing is that Emblem Camilla’s speed/resistance dual-boosting skill can increase the low speed stat for this unit type, and can also increase your tankiness against magic users.

Defensive units

Emblem Camilla can also be paired with defensive units, for the exact same reasons as above. If you were to pair her with someone like Jade as a General for example, it would increase her low speed and resistance. It would also increase their low movement significantly, which is always handy. The only downside to this approach is that these units wouldn’t really benefit from her attacks until you get them to Bond level 15, where you receive Emblem Camilla’s only physical-based weapon.

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Emblem Camilla’s best skills to use in Fire Emblem Engage

Outside of the skills mentioned above, there are a couple other skills that are useful too. One of these skills is ‘Groundswell,’ which heals the unit when they act or wait in a terrain effect. The terrain effect also clears up after the action. This can be paired well with Emblem Camilla’s ‘Dragon Vein’ abilities. ‘Detoxify’ is another skill that’s handy from Emblem Camilla. This skill is extremely simple, it cures poison at the start of turns. 

The final useful skill that you can inherit is the ‘Decisive Strike’ skill. This skill allows the unit who initiates attack to deal extra damage after combat if they land a critical hit. 

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