Best vests in MW3, ranked

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Loadouts in Modern Warfare 3 have changed quite a bit. For instance, vests – you’ll notice that there’s a ton of them, and they’re important. Each one has a special use and additional perks that can make or break your build.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a ranked list of the best vests in MW3.

MW3: Best vests ranked from worst to best

Each vest can be unlocked as you level up, so the better you do in a match, the more XP you’ll earn. This will level up the progression faster. On top of that, you’ll get other awards for each level.

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Best Vests ranked

  • Overkill Vest: This is an interesting vest because the perks regarding faster reloading while sprinting can be found in gloves and early on. However, you can still wear Commando Gloves and have this vest and you should see things increase in speed. The reason why I’m putting it at the start of the list is that while its benefits are scattered in other gear, it helps complete those pieces of gear such as the Grip Gloves. The Overkill Vest unlocks at level 50
Mw3 Overkill Vest
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  • Infantry Vest: This piece of gear can work with some of the best gear in the game. While not my favorite, at the start it did get me out of hot spots a lot. Plus, it makes Tac Sprint last longer. If you’re planning playing with speed, and want to be hard to hit, this vest might do the job. You’ll get this vest as soon as you play, so no unlocking is needed.
Mw3 Infantry Vest
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  • Demolition Vest: To get out of tricky situations, your Tactile and Lethal equipment will help more than your weapons. With this vest, your grenades in both categories will come back every 25 seconds. So, for the players who want to make noise and cause havoc, this would be the vest for you. To unlock this vest, hit level 30.
Mw3 Demo Vest
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  • Engineer Vest: To stop and spot any field upgrades and killstreaks that can turn the tide of the fight, consider using this vest. When you aim down sights, the rest of the team will get notified about where these things are. So, you can quickly counter any killstreak. Plus, it recharges your field upgrades quicker than normal. Hit level 30 to unlock this vest.  
Mw 3 Engineer Vest
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  • CCT Comms Vest: I love using this vest. It almost feels like I am cheating when it’s equipped. The CCT Comms Vest increases the amount of time enemy pings stay on your radar. It also transmits that information to your team, making it harder for anyone to hide, unless they have a Field Upgrade that conceals them. Paring this with the UAV kill streak could make things downright unfair. To unlock the CCT Comm Vest, simply level up to 40.
Mw3 Cct Comms Vest
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Gunner Vest: Reloading can be a breeze or a chore, depending on the gun and if you have items that can make reloading faster. The Gunner Vest is one of those items. It increases reload time tenfold. On top of that, you can drop max ammo for you and your teammates. This vest unlocks at level 20.
Mw3 Gunner Vest
Screenshot: PC Invasion

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