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Best way to farm altered DNA samples in MW3 Altered Strain Event

"Mr. Stark I don't feel so good"

Collecting altered DNA in Mutation Mode for Modern Warfare 3 can change how you fight. However, knowing the best ways in MW3 to farm DNA samples for the Altered Strain Event can take you far. 

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MW3: Fastest way to get altered DNA samples during Modern Warfare 3 Altered Strain Event

The best way to farm the DNA samples in the Altered Strain event, is by collecting them from fallen enemies or caches while playing the Mutant Mode of MW3, Warzone Resurgence, and Zombies which runs from June 26 to July 24. If you’ve participated in the Critical Countdown Event where you need to get DNA samples, then you know the drill.

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By playing on smaller to medium maps in the multiplayer section of MW3 and Warzone, you can quickly gather those samples. However, you must be playing well because from experience it can be a slower process to advance in the event if you’re not collecting them fast enough. So make sure you arm yourself with proper weapons and teammates who have the same winning mindset as you.

Earning these DNA samples might give you a few Augmentations to make your selected Mutant class stronger.  

All Augmentations explained

DNA Samples add certain modifiers to your mutant abilities. Depending on which strain you get, your powers may greatly enhance. However, at the time of writing this, only First Strike is available. You can expect the rest to unlock as the event progresses.

They are:

  • First Strike: Your first ability gets a shorter cooldown period when you spawn back into the match.
  • Flop Shot: By diving from an elevated position, you cause a small explosion.
  • Repocket: Every kill you get has the chance of replenishing your tactical ability immediately.
  • Attuned: Takes fewer human kills to become the Mutant Juggernaught.
  • Galvanized: Damage gets reduced from explosions for a limited amount of time. 
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To truly stand out and to show you’re ahead of everyone else, try getting the Woods Skins in Modern Warfare 3.

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