Best way to improve Virtue in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Like A Dragon Ishin Virtue At Jizo Statue
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Virtue is basically a currency in Like a Dragon: Ishin, right alongside ryo and mon. It improves your performance in all aspects of the game, which makes accumulating a bunch of Virtue a priority. Here is our guide on the best way to improve Virtue in Like a Dragon Ishin.

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Best way to improve Virtue in Like a Dragon: Ishin

At shrines placed around Kyo, you can exchange Virtue for upgrades to your Second Home, your general function, and even the rate at which Virtue acrues the future. You can also improve your reputation within the city’s various districts.

The best way to improve Virtue in Like a Dragon: Ishin is to regularly work on your Diligence Records, and to tend to your garden. As you complete various requirements, you receive substantial Virtue rewards. When you access your records from the pause menu, you’ll find they are clear about progress you’ve made toward meeting requirements.

When you complete a record at one level, a new one sometimes appears. For instance, you can eat at a restaurant 20 times to clear the ‘Restaurant Rookie’ requirement. This rewards you with 1,500 Virtue. You also unlock the ‘Restaurant Regular’ requirement, which rewards 3,000 Virtue when you eat at 50 restaurants.

Like A Dragon Ishin Diligence Records Award Virtue

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Early in the game, exchange Virtue to unlock the various levels of Virtue Cultivation. Those enhancements cost a lot, but they allow you earn more Virtue for every great thing you do for the remainder of your adventure. Also invest heavily in improvements to your garden and cooking capabilities. A well-stocked garden earns you hundreds of Virtue each time you harvest your crops, which you can do frequently. You also receive Virtue for selling those vegetables at market, on top of monetary rewards.

While you’re away from your villa, make sure to visit the various jizo statues around the city. You receive Virtue each time you pray, which adds up over time. There also are associated Diligence Records. While you’re at it, make bringing stray cats and dogs back to the villa a priority, as well. Interacting with them at the villa generates Virtue. Nearly any activity you routinely perform, whether around the city or at your villa, works toward the same end. As long as you do more than just fight mobs, and provided you don’t forget your garden, you should be virtuous in no time.

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