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Best way to unlock the JAK Purifier in MW3 Season 4 and get kills

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Honestly, the JAK Purifier is just a meme weapon in Modern Warfare 3, so the only reason you’ll want to unlock it and get kills is for challenges. Or because you just want to piss off your opponents. Anyone would think an underslung flamethrower would be a beast, but it just kind of isn’t.

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How to unlock the JAK Purifier in MW3

Initially, the JAK Purifier was only able to be unlocked in MW3 during Season 1 of the battle pass. However, now, in MW3 Season 4, it rears its ugly, flaming head once more. To unlock it, you must simply complete daily challenges with it selected from your armory unlocks.

Open up your challenge menu on the right of the screen. Here you can select armory unlocks and select the JAK Purifier as the one you want to start working towards. You will then have to start completing daily challenges until you have earned enough to unlock them.

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This shouldn’t take long. Simply complete the various ones you have for the day and then start winning matches to clear the list quickly. Once it’s done, you can strap the JAK Purifier to a number of different assault rifles and start turning your opponents to toast in MW3.

How to get kills with the JAK Purifier

Your teammates are going to hate you for using this useless weapon almost as much as your crispy opponents. It is a hard weapon to get used to due to its rather slow time to kill and rubbish range. However, there is a way to rack up kills with the JAK Purifier in MW3 Season 4.

I would suggest finding the smallest, tightest maps you can in MW3 in order to get kills with the JAK Purifier. The closer range of the fighting, the better. There is a particular benefit to the flamethrower in that it can hit multiple targets at once. If you group enemies together, you can turn them all into cinders at once.

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Head into a map like Rust, Shipment, or Skidrow. These pack enemies in the tightest and will make getting those kills with the JAK Purifier much easier. Stay by corners and wait to roast your opposition when they walk by.

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