Best Ways To Farm Dog Coins In Palworld
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Best ways to farm Dog Coins in Palworld


One of the new items in the Palworld Sakurajima update is Dog Coins, but what are they and what are the best ways to farm them? Let me explain how Dog Coins work and why they matter.

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Palworld: How to farm and use Dog Coins

This strange currency has a paw print icon and ear-shaped ridges. But how can you use and get them? The best ways to farm Dog Coins in Palworld are by defeating Mimogs, digging for scraps, and opening chests.

Medal Merchant Palworld
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You can use Dog Coins to trade items with the Medal Merchant. This is a new Merchant you can find across the open world (typically in churches/church ruins) and they’ll only take Dog Coins. They sell some pretty unique items like accessories, hats, Pal fruits, and Elixirs.

  • Best Ways To Farm Dog Coins In Palworld Mimog
  • Mimog Map

Now that you know how to use your Dog Coins, you can easily collect them by slaying the Pal called Mimog. You can find Mimogs practically all over the open world and at any time of day, most commonly in Bamboo Groves, Moonless Shore, and Verdant Brook. These Pals, which look like chests with a tongue hanging out, will drop Dog Coins upon defeat.

Mimogs are pretty difficult to defeat, unfortunately, as they will run away at light speed when they sense danger. Some players recommend building walls around it to try and corner it.

Best Ways To Farm Dog Coins In Palworld Scraps
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Thankfully, there are other ways to collect Dog Coins, like digging for scraps or opening chests. You may find a random scrap pile in the open world, and if you hold the “F” key you’ll get a couple of random items, such as Dog Coins.

Best Ways To Farm Dog Coins In Palworld Chest
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Other than junk piles, you can also randomly earn Dog Coins by opening treasure chests. Don’t confuse these with Mimogs, these chests can glow different colors depending on their item rarities. Opening chests can occasionally earn you a few Dog Coins.

Now you can start farming Dog Coins and purchasing unique items from Medal Merchants! Other than Dog Coins, there are many new additions to the Sakurajima update such as the PvP Arena.

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