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Best ways to farm Firewood in Aska

Mans greatest invention: Fire.

Firewood in Aska is important as it can help you survive the cold and cook better. However, getting the resource is a challenge. If you read on, I’ll break down the best ways to farm Firewood in Aska.

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Aska: Best ways to farm Firewood

Earning Firewood is one of the more common resources in Aska, but there are a few methods to get it. Regardless of what you prioritize when building your Viking village, Firewood plays an important role. So, the earlier you stack up on it, the more you can do with it. 

Farming Firewood can be easy if you create your village near Young Birch and the larger variant of it. I set up my base near a large and dense forest because I needed logs and long sticks. What I didn’t realize is that when you cut down the trees, the stump stays.

By cutting stumps down, you can harvest Firewood. I was getting about five to six pieces of Firewood per stump. Being near or in a forest can give an unlimited supply of Firewood along with other resources like sticks, bark, and logs that come from the trees.

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So, if you’re low on Firewood look out for any stumps you’ve made and harvest them. Additionally, if you have a villager on Wood Harvesting duty when you create a Woodworker’s Pit, they may be able to stalk up on Firewood for you. 

How to use firewood in Aska

Like all base-building games such as Palworld where you need kindling Pals to create a fire, Aska follows the same route. Collecting Firewood is one half, and using it is the other. You can use Firewood to fuel campfires.

However, if you put a single Firewood in the campfire, it won’t last that long. My suggestion would be to fill the Firewood gauge up to at least 50 percent. That way, the campfire can last longer, and, once you get the hunters and fishers, you can use the fire to make better food. 

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While the game runs smoothly, you may have issues still. If that’s you, learning the best settings for Aska can save you from a headache.

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