Best Ways To Farm Flax In Aska
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Best ways to farm Flax in Aska

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Out of all the resources you earn in Aska, it seems that Flax is probably one of the most important. Since you’ll be using Flax a lot, this guide will show you the best ways to farm it in Aska. 

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Aska: Best ways to farm Flax

Flax is important in Aska because it makes rope, and rope is used in everything. From tools to structures, rope binds everything together. Since you’re going to be using rope a lot, it’s a good idea to create ways to never run out of Flax. 

Farming Flax

To make the best out of your village and get things built fast, consider using the best ways I’ve found to farm flax:

  • Searching for Flax plants: When you find a Flax plant, it gives out about five Flax per plant which can increase the farming rate. However, I’ve found this method takes some time since Flax plants become rarer and rarer the farther you go out. Mainly because I’ve already harvested them. On the other hand, when you get Flax, you also get Flax seeds. You can plant these seeds to get more Flax provided you have a farm.
  • Harvesting Reeds: These weed-like plants can be found anywhere near water. You won’t get Flax outright. Reeds instead drop Tatch. You’ll need to shift click left to convert them into Flax. This method gives out one Flax every time you convert the Tatch.
    • Woodcutter Pit: To speed things up and make things convenient, create a Woodcutters Pit. By doing this, and when you have a villager working the Wood Cutter Pit, make a Woodcutter marker in an area where the Reeds are. The villager will harvest and bring it back to the Woodcutter Pit. So, every time you need to Flax, head to the pit take as much Tatch as you want, and then convert it.
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  • Grow it: As mentioned, every time you get Flax, you also get its seeds. If you farm and properly seed the Flax seeds, you create an infinite cycle of earning Flax Plants. This method works best if you have a villager working the farm. They can help speed up the growth process.

What can I create with Flax?

You don’t do anything with Flax, as I stated earlier, you use it to create rope. Once you start getting enough rope, I suggest building structures like the Workshop Pit because it allows you to get Logs in Aska. Creating buildings that open other options for your village is always a good idea. 

Aska Large Stone Axe

On top of that, rope is needed for most tools. So, if you can farm for Flax early on and get tons of rope, building all the needed structures like the Woodcutters, Stonecutters, and Hunter’s Hut, you’ll be set for a long time. 

Firewood in Aska is just as important, especially during the colder months.

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