The First Descendant Gold Farm
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Best ways to farm gold in The First Descendant

Go for gold.

You’re going to need to farm a lot of gold in The First Descendant. It is used for everything, from crafting new Descendants to buying weapons and upgrades. Here is the way I find I can get my hands on the most gold fastest.

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Quickest Gold farm in The First Descendants

If you want to get a lot of gold quickly in The First Descendant, I would suggest running through the Special Operations. The Sterile Land Kuiper Mine Blockade, in particular, can be run through early and fast and will result in 36K gold. With a group of friends, this mission can be completed quickly and very easily for a simple gold farm in The First Descendant.

However, to unlock this mission, you will have to first complete a number of missions in The Sterile Land. It is the second location you will visit as you play through the basic storyline of The First Descendant.

Gold Farm The First Descendant
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You can find the Special Operations terminal in the main hub of The First Descendant. Simply head forward out of the spawn area, and take a left. Here you will see a terminal called Special Operations. Open up the menu, and select the Special Operation you would like to run through. Each of them awards a certain amount of Gold, but I think the Sterile Land one is the easiest gold farm.

Late-game Gold Farm

If you want to get away from constantly running the Special Operations and you have a good squad, I would recommend playing the Void Intercept missions. In particular, I found running the Devourer Void Intercept to be a quick and easy gold farm in The First Descendant.

This boss can be killed quickly with some good coordination. There are some key points that will help you clear this Void Intercept quickly:

  • Don’t waste your special ammo on the Devourer. It has very little armor and health; save it for the shield stage.
  • When the Pylons appear, take one each. Don’t group on one. It will double the airstrikes.
  • Save the Yellow plates for after the first Pylon stage. This will heighten your chances of taking down the Devourer in just two DPS stages.

Sell, don’t trash

You can always trash your various items for their resource value, but I would suggest selling them if you want to make some gold quickly. However, the low-level weapons and gear won’t sell for much, maybe only around 100. But, when you inevitably fill your inventory with trash, just head to the vendors on the map and sell it all off instead. You can farm a little extra gold in The First Descendant this way.

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