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Best ways to farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

Upgrades, people, upgrades!

Kuiper Shards are essential in The First Descendant if you want to upgrade your Descendant and Weapon Modules to make yourself as powerful as possible. Here’s how to get them fast.

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How to get Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, Kuiper Shards are exclusively used to enhance your Modules. You’ll be receiving some Kuiper Shards when completing missions, however, the only way to really get your hands on them is by dismantling Modules.

Dismantling Modules The First Descendant
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When talking to Silion, the Module Master, you’ll be able to dismantle your unequipped modules. The amount of Kuiper Shards you’ll receive is proportional to their worth, so the more Kuiper Shards it takes to enhance it, the more you’ll get for dismantling it.

So it’ll take sacrificing modules to improve your modules, so the best way to farm Kuiper Shards realistically is by farming Modules. It’s a little backwards, but that’s the fastest way to farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant.

Best way to farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

As the best way to farm Kuiper Shards is by dismantling Modules, you’ll need to farm Modules, which are given as rewards for completing any sort of activity in The First Descendant.

In short, have a look at the missions in your current region and keep replaying the mission that offers you the most Kuiper Shard value. Take into consideration the number of Modules being offered, the chances of earning them, and their combined value. The speed of the mission is also important here.

With the most optimal mission available to you currently picked, go wild and repeat it as many times as you’re mentally able to. You’ll be racking in Modules and you’ll be able to dismantle them to rake in a bounty of Kuiper Shards. Unfortunately, this is the only realistic way to farm Kuiper Shards.

Make sure to remember the Void Intercept Battles. These legendary fights offer a huge wealth of rewards, and when you get strong enough, you can repeat them rather quickly to earn loads of Modules.

There is no “one spot” for the best Module farming in The First Descendant, as there are so many sources that’ll unlock as you complete more missions. Keep replaying the most rewarding mission in terms of Kuiper Crystals and you’ll be sorted.

As of right now, there is no other way to earn Kuiper Shards, so get to farming.

Now that you know everything about farming for Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant, you can focus on making yourself as strong as you can. Before you start farming, make sure you’ve got the best graphical settings for your performance.

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