How To Farm Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom
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Best ways to farm Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Don't pay a dime to get this essential equipment for your cookies!

Cookie Run Kingdom may be an adorable gacha game, but there’s plenty of gameplay to enjoy between each lucky pull. To crush the story and challenge others in PvP, you’ll want to have the best equipment, however. Here are the best ways to farm toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)!

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While there are several reliable methods, the two most convenient ways to farm toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are the Fountain of Abundance and the Balloon Dock. I reckon that you can periodically check the Fountain and always get a shot at some toppings, and Balloon trips only cost Stamina Jellies, a trivial currency. However, I’ve provided a full listing of methods you can use for free:

  • Fountain of Abundance
  • Balloon Dock
  • Train Station
  • Story Mode random drops (later worlds)
  • Dark Mode random drops
  • Guild Gacha

Any of these methods are suitable. You can also try the Tower of Sweet Chaos which potentially yields some good toppings, and Cookie Alliance for random rewards, but beyond that, you’ll run into the paid options including pass rewards.

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Fountain of Abundance and Balloon Dock

CRK Fountain
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The Fountain of Abundance is a fixture you’ll always come back to to farm an endless variety including topping pieces (to improve existing toppings) in Cookie Run Kingdom. It’s located just out of your Cookie Castle and replenishes over time, so check frequently!

Best Ways To Farm Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom (crk) Balloon
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The Balloon Dock opens as you progress through the story. You must complete each story episode to unlock Balloon expeditions over that given episode’s region. This only costs a scaled amount of Stamina Jellies which you use for regular gameplay and replenish over time. Just send your best cookies out on an expedition (and don’t worry, you can still use them in battle!)

You can farm toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom Story Mode & Dark Mode

CRK Story Mode
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These offer a random drop of toppings for you and you can even preview the Rewards for each given run before starting. This one feels more grindy, but play through challenging levels with auto mode and 2.5x speed and you can crank through many of these for toppings on a dime.

Train Station

How To Farm Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom Train
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I’m not particularly fond of this option, but you can send goods you’ve crafted in exchange for toppings or topping pieces among other goodies. This is good, but don’t get your hopes up, and it is more time-consuming to get this option ready.

Guild Gacha

Best Ways To Farm Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom (crk) Gacha
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If you join a guild (which you can do for free!), you can participate in the Guild Gacha mechanic. This requires Heroic Torches, which aren’t as plentiful as the other resources you encounter for farming toppings.

Any of these options are worthwhile, and all of them are recommended to get the best possible results; you can do all of them without having to sacrifice anything. When it comes to creating the ideal build for your star Cookies, any toppings you can farm are worthwhile in Cookie Run Kingdom!

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