Featured Best Xp Maps In Fortnite

Leveling up in Fortnite is easy with the best XP maps. These are designed to give you lots of experience so that you can level up faster, while also having a good time. They’re a great source of XP if you’re done completing challenges and are looking for more.

While you can earn XP via Battle Royale, the XP you gain is significantly affected by your performance. You earn a small amount if you play passively, or if you get eliminated early in the game. Fortnite XP maps are the perfect source for you if you don’t perform as well in Battle Royale.

Here are the best XP maps in Fortnite

Parkour Tag Tilted

This Fortnite XP Map has many XP Tokens for the taking. Your aim is to run away from catchers across a parkour course. Conversely, if you’re a catcher, you will have to capture others in the course. As the name suggests, it’s just a game of parkour tag. Enter Parkour Tag Tilted by using map code: 8809-4244-0122.

1v1 Build Fights

This Creative Mode map can reward you with up to 500,000 XP just by spending about 20 minutes in the game. You won’t even have to resort to violence. You can access1v1 Build Fights by using the map code: 6101-9537-4403 and setting matchmaking to private.

Simply interact with the AFK XP button near the one for the Bouncer Room, then go to the main arena. Proceed to the right side of the “Back to Loot Arena” building, then build a floor to interact with a secret button at the bottom of the structure. Wait for the countdown to finish, interact with two figures to get XP, then go to either the Bouncers Room or Crash Pad room to get even more XP.

One Shot Gun Game

In Fortnite, weapons vary in terms of damage and fire rate. This map takes away the differences in weapon strength by dropping health points to 1. This means you can defeat any opponent with any weapon in hand. And since enemy kills reward you with about 500 XP each, you can earn a lot by the end of the game. Access the map using island code: 0345-9115-1287.

Toybox FFA

As the name suggests, Toybox FFA is a free-for-all map that rewards players with lots of XP. After spawning, players will be given access to any and all weapons in Creative Mode and can use these to defeat others inside the map. You gain 18,000 XP just by joining, and you can earn more as you slug it out with other players. Use the map code 9061-5458-7889 to enter.


This fun map lets you earn a lot of XP while doing something you enjoy in Fortnite: gunning down enemies. You get to earn a mere 20-50 XP per zombie kill, but since zombies just keep spawning, that can multiply by a lot. The further the game progresses, the more zombies appear. Playing with other players can increase the number of undead becoming available for the hunt. Access the map using island code: 9369-6922-8408.

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