Starfield Beta Summer

Starfield is already set to release later this year on November 11, but some of us could be playing it much sooner via a beta this summer. An employee at Bethesda Game Studios said as much in a now-deleted ResetEra post. Obviously, this information is something you should take with a pinch of salt. It does paint an interesting picture regarding Starfield‘s development, though.

According to user Hevy008, Starfield has some serious problems to iron out before November. And it looks like it’s more than a case of some bugs and glitches, which Bethesda titles have suffered from in the past. In a summary of how the game is shaping up right now, they said that “shooting feels alright, flying is terrible.” The post also says Starfield has an “overabundance of content” that the developer may need to cut in order to meet its November 11 release date.


It looks like Starfield has problems

Bethesda games have a reputation for being a little rough around the edges. Its newest title doesn’t seem to be breaking that tradition if this post is anything to go by. So the idea that the developer would want to set up a beta test for Starfield this summer isn’t entirely shocking. Of course, we need to wait on actual confirmation from Bethesda before we get too excited.

It isn’t all negative, though, as Hevy008 also had some good things to say. The post praised Bethesda as a “cool solid place to work” and says that Starfield is a “good looking game.” The major concern here is whether the developer can meet the release date or if it will have to push it back to 2023. Game development has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, so that wouldn’t be too surprising.

Starfield Beta Summer

With Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier confirming that Hevy008 is who they said they were, it seems a little more likely that we’ll see a beta for Starfield during the summer. If it does end up happening, it’ll be interesting to see accurate Hevy008’s comments are. Starfield is set to release on November 11. Whether Bethesda is able to stick to this date is something we’ll see later this year.

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