Fallout community site ‘Duck and Cover’ is claiming to have received confirmation that the long-running (and frankly quite tedious) Bethesda vs Interplay lawsuit over who exactly owns which rights to the Fallout name will soon be over. A site administrator, posting under the understated name ‘King of Creation’, states that he received court documents from the latest hearing in the case which took place last month.
King of Creation’s source claims that a settlement was discussed and finalised at this latest court session. He goes on to say that details will be released later this month.
Unfortunately, no further information is given, so the question of what exactly this settlement was (or if it even happened) is still very much open. The issues yet to be resolved are whether Interplay will have the rights to develop a Fallout Online MMO, or whether the company has instead given up those rights to Bethesda (presumably in return for a financial sum).
If the source is correct, we should learn more in the coming weeks.
Source: duckandcover.cx
Image is of Fallout Online (Project V13) concept art.

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