Michael Ancel has abruptly outed concept art for Jade in Beyond Good & Evil 2.

    The funny thing is he did it in what seemed to be a French language Rayman Legends livestream, without fanfare or advance warning. I won’t be one to speculate that the man was drunk, but maybe he was high – from the elation of the stream.

    In any case, you can watch Ancel run out with the concept art on hand 2 minutes into this video:

    And here’s a screencap for a close look:

    Beyond Good & Evil 2

    Given the dearth of information on Beyond Good & Evil 2, it’s great to know that they’ve definitely made significant progress. Just the idea of Jade going around with a sword is enough to whet my appetite. We hope Ubisoft graces us with more solid details regarding the game soon.

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