It’s still safe to assume Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a long way from release, but there’s a new trailer out talking about character and vehicle choices. In theory, it all sounds pretty good.

    Character choices (for yourself and any crew you pick up along the way) are intended to be extremely varied. In the montage shown in the trailer, there are ‘hybrid’ tiger guys, sharks, and even rhinos. There seems to be an older Asian lady riding a hovering chair at one point too. So, assuming¬†Beyond Good and Evil 2 can pack all that in, there shouldn’t be any shortage of options.

    That seems like it’ll be the case for vehicles too. The second half of the trailer goes into the progression from speedy bikes, to mid-sized ships, to much larger vessels. The steady accumulation of superior vehicles all sounds quite Elite-ey, to my ears. Here’s the video.

    Peter Parrish

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