June 20th, 2017

Big Dota 2 patch adds no new heroes

dota2 (3)

Valve have released another gargantuan Dota 2 patch – about 600mb, from what Peter tells me – which adds absolutely no new heroes. Or, indeed, much of interest.

We do like amusing patch notes, though, and this contains a good one. For the Mac/Linux versions of the game: “Made the chat wheel work”.

As to the rest – well, there’s the usual smattering of bug fixes and a few bits of functionality. The hero loadout model is bigger in the main menu, so that’s nice. You’re now limited to a maximum of six matchmaking regions. You can’t view the wins/level of other players unless they’re either your friends, or have Share Match History on. Dota TV now supports the 360 controller. Oh, and matchmaking times are apparently down, through entirely nebulous methods.

So why’s the patch so big? I suspect it’s down to the Compendium, and the addition of various rewards related to it. If you create an International Fantasy Challenge team, your Smeevil courier gets a Mammoth mount; if you complete all the Main Event Predictions, your Smeevil courier gets a Bird mount. I would imagine that it’s the visuals for these couriers that have made up most of the patch.

You can view the full patch notes here, but there’s not much reason to – there isn’t a huge amount of good stuff in there. Instead, go have a look at the first part of the Beginner’s Guide I wrote! Although if any of this article makes sense to you, you probably don’t need to.

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  • Tim McDonald

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    • kiroptus

      Yeah I just downloaded it now. Revolting! Still no pitlord in sight… (well at least Abaddon has a Rival quote when killing pit lord)

      We need to wait for Cyborgmatt to crack the patch open, there are probably lots of stuff that is set for the next patch, but since the international is nearby I dont believe we will see Legion Commander anytime after that.

      • Tim McDonald

        I did miss one thing until I logged in – it looks like there’s another load of armour sets and a new chest to facilitate them. I guess that possibly bumped up the size, too…

        You’re right, though. There’s probably a fair bit of extra stuff tucked away in there that we mere mortals can’t see, just yet.

    • Kiroptus

      Yeah it seemed that there is a lot of new cosmetics, the Whale tail torrent from Kunkka being a highlight.

      The list of stuff is actually quite big, you can see at Cyborgmatt’s site. The CK and Drow set are pretty neat as well.

      Still no line strings about the upcomming heroes, valve certainly doesnt want to add anything too drastic to the game’s code so it doesnt risk some nasty bug in the international, so lets just enjoy the show on TI3 and hopefully the heroes will come out faster (after all with those compedium sales I expect that there is a lot of incentive to keep adding the remaining 10, which most are fan-favourites from Dota 1, Ember Spirit, Techies, Pit, Zet, and Phoenix, oohhh Phoenix is just a beautiful hero to see on-screen, cant wait to see him in Dota 2 graphics, hopefully he becomes a top pick and TI4 we will see his awesome moves snatching cheers from the crowd.

    • Gerry Relatado Jr.

      you it`s anew best hero for me!