It always seemed like an unlikely partnership, but Edward McMillen has now confirmed that roguelike(ish) title (and IncGamers’ 14th best game of 2011) The Binding of Isaac will not be ported to the Nintendo 3DS. “As many assumed the reasons were due to the games ‘questionable religious content’,” wrote McMillen on twitter.
Nintendo has maintained a traditional ‘family friendly’ image since its move into videogames, so it’s perhaps not a huge surprise that company were not keen on a game featuring so much childhood trauma, blood and faeces. However, it was the religious symbolism which Nintendo finally baulked at.
“I gotta again publicly thank steam for fully supporting Isaac and not requiring ESRB or censoring its published games”, McMillen added, in a series of twitter posts about the news.
Back when the 3DS port was first mooted, McMillen said that “The only other system you might ever see Isaac on is the 3DS, and that will only happen if a company ports the game itself,” so don’t hold out for it appearing on any other systems besides the PC.

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