Biomutant World Trailer

The release of Biomutant is now fast approaching after years of development delays. Whatever the hold ups were about, they seem to be over now though, as the game will be out next month. As such, developer Experiment 101 has been gearing up to make a big splash in the great pond of the games industry. While the release wave for Biomutant has yet to come, some ripples can be felt in the World Trailer, which offers a more subdued preview to the adventures that await.

Biomutant is the kind of game that immediately catches the eye due to its semi-realistic art style mixed with vibrant splashes of color. The World trailer seeks to highlight that aspect of the game. It’s just simple pans of different environments, calm music, and a look into the quiet lives that some of the characters lead. As the developer puts it, there are too many “dark and gritty trailers in this world anyway.” We all likely have a case of cabin fever at this point, too. The upbeat theme is certainly welcome.


You can see a ton of different environments in the Biomutant World Trailer, from grass-populated hills and valleys to chilly tundras. Explore a little more and you’ll find Mayan-inspired temples, or something as simple as a vendor that wants to sell you some snacks. It all seems like an enticing adventure, and we can only hope the game lives up to what we’ve seen thus far.

Or no chill

Of course, if vistas and simple scenery aren’t your thing, or you’re simply eager to learn more about the rest of the game, there are combat-centric trailers as well. If you’re even further out of the loop, you may just want to start with the basics on what Biomutant is all about.

Biomutant releases on May 25 and will be available on Steam, GOG, Origin, and the Epic Games Store.

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