Bionic Commando contains a cryptic hint that a sequel may be in the works.Post-credits, the game briefly displays a morse code message which, translated, comes out as: “BESTAETIGE. AUSFUEHRUNG VON PHASE ZWEI VORBEREITET. AKTIVIERE PROJEKT ALBATROSS.”This, translated into English, roughly equates to: “CONFIRM. IMPLEMENTATION OF PHASE TWO PREPARED. ACTIVATE PROJECT ALBATROSS.”Those who’ve played Rearmed, or remember the original, will recall Project Albatross as resurrecting Master-D (or Hitler, if you prefer to call him that) in addition to being a whacking great flying fortress. Considering the Badds/Imperials were based on the Nazis, the text being in German may also have some significance.Hints of a sequel in the works, or at least hints of a direction a sequel may take? Hints of another Rearmed-style game? We don’t know, but if a sequel improves on the areas the first lacked in, we’ll be there.

Paul Younger
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