BioShock 2 has been officially dated, and will be surfacing in stores this autumn.The news comes via a post on the official Cult of Rapture page, which announces that the game will be out in the US on 3 November, but – excitingly – will ship a few days earlier over here, hitting “international” stores on 30 October.We’re still fairly in the dark about BioShock 2, but we do know that you take the role of the first Big Daddy, who’ll be facing off with other Big Daddies in new areas of Rapture. There are brand-new underwater sections, and a terrifying Big Sister, who seems to be a grown-up Little Sister that wants Rapture back the way it was.Also, multiplayer, which we know even less about.So, again: BioShock 2 will be hitting Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on 3 November in the US, and 30 October internationally. We can’t wait.

    Paul Younger
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