Bioshock developers reveal a new game

It was sad when Irrational Games closed a few months ago but it did mean that some of the talented folks behind BioShock would be available to start working on other projects. If you love the BioShock franchise then you should start getting excited for The Black Glove, a new indie game being developed by former Irrational employee’s including Joe Fielder, who was partly responsible for writing the BioShock Infinite DLC Buriel At Sea. IGN managed to get some details of The Black Glove as well as Joe’s new studio, Day for Night Games.

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The Black Glove will be a narrative driven, first person adventure game with games like The Stanley Parable and Gone Home being inspirations. The game takes place in the Equinox Theater, vaudevillian venue which apparently resides outside of time and space.

The theater is home to an artist, a musician, and a film maker and you will travel back and forward through time to alter their lives and change the different artistic outcomes. Feedback from the artists, audience, and environment will let you change the art accordingly. Fielder stressed that there are no “wrong” decisions in The Black Glove and that the world was like a playground for the players to explore.

Fielder gave IGN a quote from the game that read: “There are certain games of skill and chance that allow us to interact with what you might call ‘fourth-dimensional space.’”. He felt this gave a good idea for the tone of the game and said that the unique setting would allow the story to be interesting whilst not relying on worn out game mechanics like guns and violence.


The Black Glove is being worked on by a team solely comprised of former Irrational employee’s including Chad King who was the environmental artist for the original BioShock and Infinite, as well as Robb Waters who was the artist that created the look of the Songbird in Infinite, Andrew Ryan in Bioshock, and Shodan in System Shock.

You can find out more when the games Kickstarter launches in July.

Source: IGN

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