Bioshock Infinite Columbia’s Finest DLC lands – New DLC is “going well”.

BioShock Infinite

Earlier today Irrational released the Bioshock Infinite: Columbia’s Finest DLC on Steam with little fanfare. Why? Because there is sadly nothing new included for the £3.69.

This DLC is simply the contents of the Industrial Revolution Pack and the Upgrade Pack which was part of the Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions of the game. If you really do want this additional content at this late stage,  it includes 500 Silver Eagles, 5 Lock Picks and gear items such as the Handyman Nemesis, Sugar Rush, Fleet Feet, Bull Rush, Extra! Extra!, and Betrayer. As far as weapons are concerned, there’s also Comstock’s China Broom Shotgun and Comstock’s Eagle Eye Sniper Rifle.

We don’t want this stuff, right? Where is the new DLC? Irrational’s Ken Levine hit Twitter to say they are working on it.

DLC Update: We are working on it- have been since the game shipped. Things are going well, but plz understand: game development takes time.

Well pull your finger out Irrational, we need more Bioshock and we needed it yesterday!

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