BioShock Infinite is receiving mysterious updates nine years after its launch

Bioshock Infinite Updates Steam

BioShock Infinite launched in 2013 to critical praise. It is widely believed to be one of the best story-driven FPS games of its time. Now, nearly a decade later, the assumption was that its time in the sun had come and gone. However, it seems publisher 2K Games may not be done with it yet. Over the last six months, BioShock Infinite has been receiving many mysterious updates.

As spotted by TheGamer, these updates started in September of last year. There were only a few tweaks made at the time, but this soon accelerated. By early 2022, 2K was releasing 10-plus updates each month with 13 coming in March alone. The strangest part about all of this is that the publisher hasn’t made any comments about the updates. It’s not even clear where these updates originate. Infinite‘s original developer Irrational Games went defunct in 2017, and was rebranded as Ghost Story Games.


Some of BioShock Infinite‘s recent updates can be explained by the Steam Deck. The 2013 shooter had some compatibility issues on the Deck that could cause it to crash when booted. Anecdotal posts on Infinite‘s Steam discussions page suggest this has recently been fixed.

Other updates seem to be linked to a potential 2K Launcher. For whatever reason, 2K appears to be trying to implement launcher support into BioShock Infinite. This idea is supported by the fact that both BioShock and BioShock 2 have also been receiving similar updates.

Bioshock Infinite Encrypted Update 29 03 2022

(Source: SteamDB). This encrypted update was added to Bioshock Infinite just this morning.

Could it be more?

Even after taking the Steam Deck and 2K Launcher into account, the sheer volume of updates coming to BioShock Infinite is intriguing. Some hopeful fans are eyeing up the idea of a remaster being developed. If a remaster was launched, it would probably replace the existing Steam store entry similar to how the GTA Trilogy‘s release saw the removal of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. It’s possible that doing this may require some back-end updates in preparation. The first two BioShock games have gotten remastered, which rolled up both the older and newer versions.

Truthfully, this is a reach, and probably just optimistic thinking. BioShock Infinite is a good candidate to be remastered, but 2K has given us zero reasons to assume it is happening. For now, all we can do is wait and see if these updates amount to anything.

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