1998 mode bioshock infinite burial at sea

Remember BioShock Infinite’s 1999 mode which turned all the enemies into gigantic bullet sponges and was quite underwhelming? Well, for Burial at Sea Part 2 (coming on 25 March) Irrational is stepping back ever so slightly further in time to 1998.

That’s the year of Thief: The Dark Project, so like an Expert level Thief player you’ll be challenged to complete the DLC “using only non-lethal tools.”

In the concluding part of Burial at Sea you’ll play as Elizabeth with what Ken Levine describes as a focus on “balance and stealth mechanics.” On that basis, he says, a 1998 mode made sense.

The announcement is accompanied by a mock-up of some DLC box art, in a shape that should be familiar to US fans of the superb Looking Glass titles.

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