In case you missed it, Mass Effect 3 comes packed with a multiplayer co-op component (read about it first-hand here) that is at once seperate from, but linked to, the game’s single player campaign.
With rumours persisting that another as-yet-unannounced (but inevitable) BioWare RPG, Dragon Age 3 will also involve co-op elements, we would be forgiven for thinking that co-op is fast becoming a norm for RPGs – just like it has for so many other genres in recent years. Al least those from BioWare.
However, speaking to IncGamers, Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble said that he doesn’t believe that would happen.  
“No, I don’t think we will [see more co-op in RPGs],” said Gamble. “I think that if a co-op play system works well with the rest of the game then it can add an enormous amount of value. If it doesn’t work for your game then don’t put it in. For Mass Effect 3 we put it in because we really wanted it, so we designed the game from the ground up to be able to support it.”
We’ve just published our hands-on impression from Mass Effect 3’s opening 90 minutes{PAGE TITLE=Page Title}.

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