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If the idea of a Fire Emblem or XCOM style game in the Dragon Age universe appeals to you, it might be a good idea to let BioWare know on an impromptu twitter poll they’re running.

Mark Darrah is the man asking the question “Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?” (with clarification below that he means a Fire Emblem type thing). Your options are “Yes!”, “No”, “Only on PC” and “Only Mobile/handheld”. He also said it would not some sort of microtransaction cash-in game and may even feature romance options.

At the time of writing this, the poll has around 1,800 votes, with “Yes!” being a shade under 50% and “Only on PC” putting in a healthy 19%.

None of this necessarily means BioWare are about to start making one, but presumably if they could go back to EA with some poll results showing people wanted a title like this it would help their pitch.

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