BioWare and EA 2D has revealed a Dragon Age prequel in the form of a browser-based RPG.The announcement came in a post by EA 2D producer Ethan Levy on the official BioWare blog (via Kotaku) who confirmed the game will be titled Dragon Age Journeys.”We have some big plans for Journeys. The first piece that we are currently building is a three chapter, single player, tactical rpg delivered in Flash,” said Levy.”Right now we’re hard at work finishing the first chapter, Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads. The game will introduce you to the dwarven city of Orzammar and the Deep Roads surrounding it where the dwarves face a persistent threat from the darkspawn hordes.”Along with the Dragon Age Journeys game we already know BioWare will be launching a prequel novel and has some release day DLC planned too.Unfortunately don’t expect any ‘sexy time’ in the prequel – you’lll just have to wait until Dragon Age: Origins launches in November.Head over to the official website for Dragon Age: Journeys to find out more about the Journeys Game, or head here for our preview of Dragon Age: Origins. 

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