BioWare Reveals Mass Effect 2’s Overlord DLC

BioWare has revealed that we’ll see another Mass Effect 2 DLC pack next month.Titled Overlord, the pack sees Shepard and co going through five missions on a planet where experiments on humans and Geth have been taking place, in an attempt to stop a strange human/machine hybrid intelligence.The Hammerhead vehicle will function as your means of transport around the “hub” section of the planet, between the missions. We’ve been told to expect a bit more of a horror vibe from the DLC, as well as bits that go a little Tron.It’s all about the stand-alone story and the extra missions, though: don’t go expecting new characters or new weapons.Overlord is due out in June for 560 Microsoft Points, according to exec producer Casey Hudson, and will apparently feature about two and a half hours of content. We’ve got plenty more details on it, so stay tuned for our full preview and our chat with Hudson.