Following the outcry at the Mass Effect 3 ending, Bioware has been bust defending the outcome since the game launched. Exec producer issued a statement last Friday defending their decisions and today Bioware’s Dr. Ray Muzyka joined the debate issuing a lengthy response on the Bioware Blog.
According to Muzyka, Bioware are “thinking hard” at how they can address comments from the fan base while “maintaining the artistic integrity of the game”. He hints that in April the content team at Bioware may have some answers for fans as they continue to work on a number of “content initiatives”. Muzyka stated:
“Exec Producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey. You’ll hear more on this in April.  We’re working hard to maintain the right balance between the artistic integrity of the original story while addressing the fan feedback we’ve received.  This is in addition to our existing plan to continue providing new Mass Effect content and new full games, so rest assured that your journey in the Mass Effect universe can, and will, continue.”
The update from Muzyka is lengthy as he discusses the fan reaction but it sounds like the Bioware team want to bring some closure to the debate by thinking about ways in which they can offer some sort of alternative that will keep fans happy. We’ll have to wait until next month to find out what they have planned.
Check the Bioware blog for the full update.

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