June 19th, 2017

BioWare’s You’ve Been Chosen IP sparks a new teaser video

BioWare’s You’ve Been Chosen IP sparks a new teaser video
you've been chosen
Thor’s career as a waiter never really took off.

BioWare has released a second live action teaser video for the IP it intends to reveal at GamesCom. There still isn’t a great deal known about this one (since, you know, it hasn’t been announced properly yet,) but since the previous video was labelled as ‘Shadow Realms’ that might be what it’s called.

Aaron Flynn from BioWare has already clarified that it’s nothing to do with the IP sort of vaguely mentioned at E3 2014, and that it’s not being made by BioWare’s Canadian studios. So that probably means BioWare Austin.

Anyway, this trailer is more YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN stuff. In this one, a chap is having a nice bowl of Chinese food when he’s interrupted by a persistent phone. Then things get a bit weird and electric. The end!

Not much to go on really, is it? The official site for whatever this project is can be found here. GamesCom will presumably reveal more details.

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    • Tim McDonald

      In terms of atmosphere and weirdness this is reminding me a lot of The Secret World, which is good! Buuuuut it’s BioWare, so I will remain firmly skeptical until I actually play it. Even if it is BioWare Austin rather than Edmonton or Montreal.