black desert

Soon we can all spend 50 hours trying to design the perfect elf-face.

Fancy looking Korean MMO Black Desert was always coming our way in the Western hemisphere, but now we know that release should be happening at some point in 2015. The game has generated a fair bit of interest, in no small part thanks to its impressive character creation tools.

I assume the rest of the game has something going for it too, but having not played it I can’t really say.

Anyway, the news of a 2015 release comes from, who say that Daum CEO Sean Hong announced the intention to release the game to Western markets (Europe and America) next year during a recent press conference. In addition, the site says that the goal of a 2015 release was confirmed to them by developers Pearl Abyss.

Black Desert’s Korean open beta is launching on 17 December, and a recent video from the game showed off yet more of the super-slick character creation. If you missed that trailer, you can see it again below.

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