Black Desert Online Gets Two New Classes

Fans of Black Desert Online will be happy to hear that the game will get two new classes, the male Musa and the female Maehwa. Black Desert Online’s classes are still gender-locked and both rely on various technical abilities and fast speed.

Both classes are melee-based classes, including some ranged capabilities with short bows. Musa has also some pretty cool area-of-effect moves, making him extremely powerful against large hordes of enemies. Maehwa on the other side, is more capable during 1-vs-1 battles and she can distract larger enemies in better ways compared to other characters.

The two new classes will be added to Black Desert Online on April 20 and you can watch both videos about Musa and Maehwa below. The footage includes some cool gameplay footage, so you will obviously get a better picture about the skills of these classes.

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