Black Desert Online

Plenty of Black Desert Online videos to view today, if you’re somebody anticipating next year’s western-localised release. The MMO will apparently offer six classes at launch, and has visual presentations for every single one of them.

They’re not massively long, but here we go. After the video-straveganza, there’s a bit of stuff about pre-order packages.


Likes to hop up and down waving axes about the place, it seems.


Unusually rapid-fire of arrows, even for a Ranger class.


Looks like dark magic is her jam, but that might just be because these fight scenes are all at night.




It’s a warrior. Sword and board, nothing too fancy. Seems quite nimble.

Witch & Wizard

Spells galore, including some neat looking lightning strikes.

As promised before all of those short videos, there are indeed some early pre-order packages available for Black Desert Online. There’s a full run-down on this page, but basically you have $30, $50 and $100 options. The game is said to be “a premium service, not a subscription model”, so that $30 looks like it’ll get you the base title.

Judging by how many extra trinkets and bits of in-game currency come with the $100 version, it seems like Black Desert Online will be pretty heavily funded by (possibly cosmetic?) additional microtransactions. To get into at least one of two planned betas, it’s necessary to buy the $50 pack.

Peter Parrish

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