Like plenty of other games around this time of year, Black Desert Online has some specific Halloween plans. From “next week” (I couldn’t find a specific date), there will be Halloween ambience and a special Alice in Wonderland themed event.

The game’s central hubs (“Velia, Heidel, Valencia and Calpheon”) will get a seasonal makeover, some of which will be based around the Mad Hatter’s tea party furniture. In conjunction, the Black Desert Online skies will turn blood red. You’ll also run into Jack-o-Lanterns lining the streets.

In terms of the event itself, seems like it involves a pair of mirrored Queens. The White Queen will be asking players to help defeat the demonic Black Queen. “Special items” will be rewarded for this daily quest. The promotional trailer (below) gives you a look at both Queens, as well as a horde of rabbits.

“Angelic Queen and Demonic Queen outfits” will be available for Halloween 2017 (sounds like you’ll have to pay for those), and Black Desert Online will also be bringing back “Neurotic Cabby and Witch Hat Charlotte” as pets. A ‘Skeletal Horse Set’ is promised too. Again, sounds like all of those will be paid items, although it’s not entirely clear.

There’s further mention of Scarecrow Masks that can be “obtained” during the event. Here’s the video.

Peter Parrish

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