Black Desert has just launched for everyone and the players who were taking part in early access portion of the launch will have experience a few issues.

The first patch for the game sorts out some class issues with the Tamer receiving balance changes. Take note of these updates if you’re diving back in today.

We’re currently taking the game for spin and everyone can start playing by grabbing it from the official website.

Game System

  •  Localization
    • Updated the Exit Menu change channel button to display “Channel” instead of “Server”.
    • Updated the “Release” button for horses to “Delete” to avoid confusion
    • Fixed the issue were February 29th was not being displayed in the “My Journal” or “Guild Journal” windows.
    • Fixed the issue where the message “Press ‘I’ to drink a potion” in the tutorial was placed outside the box.
    • Fixed misplaced trade related texts.
  • Classes
    • Fixed the issue where Witch’s forehead and cheekbones were protruding helmets due to the size differences in the NA version.
    • Locations of helmets, glasses, and piercings on Witch’s and Wizard’s faces were modified according to their updated face shapes.
    • Tamer’s overall balance was adjusted.
    • Fixed the issue where dye slots for Tamer and Witch were missing.
    • Fixed the issue where some Warrior Skills did not function properly.


  •  Quests
    • Fixed the issue where the alert sound was played every time an item count goes up in a guild quest.
    • Changed the condition for activating the combo tutorial quest for all classes.
    • Changed the conditions for activating the potion drinking tutorial quest.
    • Added additional guidance for Balenos Quests to smooth progression.
  • Items
    • Fragment of Memory acquisition adjusted.
  • NPCs
    • Monster AI has been adjusted for more vigilance.

Known Issues

  • If you log out with the Combo Tutorial Quest active you will have to abandon it and take it again from the Black Spirit.
  • Remaining Text-Cuts; those are being addressed over time and will be fixed
Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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