As mentioned yesterday, the Black Emporium was noticeably absent from the notes for Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 5. Today, BioWare has confirmed that it will indeed be held back for a later date.

The twitter post in question states that the studio is “continuing to work on it” and cites the “great beta feedback we’ve received.”

So, no Black Emporium for now. It was part of the beta testing process for Patch 5 on PC, which is why most players expected the underground vendor to be released with this latest update.

Here’s BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw explaining that the Black Emporium depends upon Patch 5 functionality, which is why they were beta tested together.

The fifth patch for Dragon Age: Inquisition does, at least, add party storage at Skyhold and fix a few long-standing bugs and issues. The patch notes were released yesterday and can be read here.

Apparently armour tinting is included in Patch 5, and can be accessed in the Skyhold forge. There’s also this for PC users: “Single-player only: implemented auto-attack with mouse and keyboard controls, with a new key binding created for this purpose.”

The patch itself should be available through Origin today. At least, I’ve seen PC users posting about it, so it’s rolling out.

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