Black Future 88 Roguelike Dungeon Crawler 2d Action Shooter Launch Date

Good Shepherd Entertainment and SuperScarySnakes have released a new trailer announcing their upcoming 2D synth-punk roguelike action shooter, Black Future ’88, will be released on November 21 for PC. That’s a lot of adjectives to describe one game, so let’s break it down a bit.

Set in a grim alternate history where the year is, and always is, 1988. The world has ended. You’re one of the last remaining survivors of a nuclear cataclysm. And, you know where the man who ended the world is. All that stands between you and him is a tower full of bad guys. Go get him.

Black Future 88 Roguelike Dungeon Crawler 2d Action Shooter Weapons

Time is of the essence

Here’s the catch: You only have 18 minutes before your heart explodes and you die. That doesn’t give you much time to fight your way up the dungeon-crawling ascent that is constantly evolving to try and kill you. The procedurally generated tower of Black Future ’88 is packed with homicidal robots, cutthroats, bosses, and more. None of whom have good intentions towards you.

To get to the top of the world and have your revenge, you’ll need to strategically choose and combine unique guns, buffs, and curses. You’ll also be able to choose from a huge arsenal, as well as one of five playable characters, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s not going to be easy battling your way through a merciless onslaught of fire, lasers, and steel. Fortunately, death isn’t the end for you. Every time you die you gain levels, weapons and buff unlocks.


The future is bleak in Black Future ’88, so you might not want to go it alone. There is a two-player co-op mode and PC players will be able to join a friend’s game online without needing to own a copy. There’s also a global leaderboard for daily challenges with unique attributes. So, once you’ve beaten the big bad boss, you can try to beat the whole world.

You can add Black Future ’88 to your Steam wishlist ahead of its November 22 release.

Black Future 88 Roguelike Dungeon Crawler 2d Action Shooter

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