Aquaman Beware, The Black Manta Skin Is Now Available In Fortnite (2)

With Fortnite now experiencing a wet season like no other, it seems perfect for denizens of the deep to stake a claim for power. Week 5’s challenges will see players be able to earn both the Aquaman skin and the Trident pickaxe, but that is not all. The aquatic superhero will be met by his archnemesis, the Black Manta, as a new Fortnite skin. Unlike the forces of good, however, you will need to spend some real coin to play as the villain.

Looking smooth

Available for 1,500 V-bucks, or about $15 in the real world, Fortnite combatants can outfit themselves like a futuristic manta ray walking on land. While the villain has enjoyed many looks over the years, this iteration takes after the most recent Aquaman movie. He sure does look comfortable on the waters and destroying everyone else on land.

Aquaman Beware, The Black Manta Skin Is Now Available In Fortnite (1)

That unmistakable head shape, those glowing orbs for eyes, and that armor, it will be hard to miss someone using the Black Manta skin. Sadly, those laser beams are not a viable weapon in Fortnite‘s latest season. The new skin also comes with the Manta Pack back bling, which will make you look even more like the movie counterpart.

Aquaman Beware, The Black Manta Skin Is Now Available In Fortnite (3)

Of course, like all skins, you better grab this one before it disappears. If you want to complete the set, be sure to get into the challenges and earn yourself that Fortnite Aquaman skin as well. Players will have to complete all five of the challenges when the Week 5 challenge unlocks. Once you have done that, a message will appear telling you that the skin has been unlocked. As for his trusty trident, players must complete the “claim your Trident at Coral Cove” challenge. As the name of the challenge states, you must travel to Coral Cove to earn the pickaxe.

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