The highly anticipated Black Mesa Source Mod is on it’s way to release. With little over 10 days left on the countdown fans of the Half-Life franchise won’t have to wait much longer to play the next big unofficial piece in the puzzle.

However unofficial is not exactly a bad thing, not only had this mod garnered plenty of attention during it’s lengthy development process, but a variety of Half-Life mods which play out alternate scenarios have proved hugely popular in the past too.

So after 8 long years the dedicated modders will soon get to see their creation released to the public. Don’t forget if you have the Source engine already installed on your PC, through having any Valve game that utilizes the Source engine such as the Counterstrike and Left 4 Dead games, all you need to do is pick up the mod and get ready to have some fun.

Here’s the page where the countdown can be viewed so the most eager of us can keep track of it.


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