Black Mesa Xen release is “VERY close”

Black Mesa Xen release is “VERY close”

In the latest developer update fro the Black Mesa team, progress appears to be going well with the Xen levels after numerous delays over the past twelve months.

The Xen levels are now apparently complete and can be played from start to finish with the next step being public testing. All the major issues have been ironed out and they are preparing a patch for the Public Beta. The updates for the beta will include

  • Game crashes on certain Radeon graphics cards
  • Shadows and lights not rendering properly on certain Radeon graphics cards
  • Fixed full screen blur that was associated with dynamic lights using god rays
  • Fixed dynamic shadows flickering as the light cast onto perpendicular surfaces
  • Fixed decals flickering in maps

They¬†do state they are now “VERY close” and are “super excited about delivering our version of Xen”. Considering how delayed Xen has been it will just be a pleasant surprise when it is actually ready.

Paul Younger

Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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