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The gameplay trailer for Black Myth: Wukong has a rather eye-catching opening. It begins by following a flying cicada not long after old monkey-man begins his tale. The cicada flies over anthropomorphic beast men before stopping at one in particular. In a flash, the bug turns into a person reminiscent of Sun Wukong, straight out of the Chinese tale Journey to the West. After whipping out a staff weapon, it becomes clear what Black Myth: Wukong is all about: a souls-like adaptation of that famous story. The 13-minute trailer that dropped today gives us a glimpse of some flashy combat, beautiful scenery, and plenty of bosses to bonk on the head.

The trailer shows off alpha footage of the game, but it already looks impressive. Its world feels hostile as creatures march through thick, fog-covered jungle. Lighting and shadows are on point, providing a layer of atmosphere. Really, there is only a little jank, and you’d have to look hard to spot any of the graphical hitches.

Of course, a gameplay trailer doesn’t mean much without the gameplay, but this one has plenty. Black Myth: Wukong is a game clearly influenced by the likes of Dark Souls. Or, in this particular case, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Combos are quick, throwing out clouds of particle effects. The game will include the option to parry enemy attacks, leaving enemies open for a flurry of blows.

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I am the monkey king

So far, Black Myth: Wukong looks like a hell of a treat. I’m always down for more souls-like games, and this one shines with potential. The boss fights in the trailer are certainly the highlights. It appears that you’ll gain more weaponry as you defeat humanoid bosses. However, in a twist, you morph into the boss when changing to their weapon. The player in the trailer uses that to their advantage, whipping out a burning double-bladed staff to set fire to a massive wolf.

We’re still too early to know when Black Myth: Wukong will release. But we’ve heard around town that it is indeed coming to PC. We’ll be on the lookout for this one.

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