Black Ops 2 domain name registered by Activision, internet goes wild

Everyone’s favourite blind-hate figure, Activision, has finally gotten its hands on the domain name. The address had been privately owned since May 2010, but has now been bought my MarkMonitor – a brand protection agency employed by various Fortune 100 companies as well as Activision.
Of course, this being related to Call of Duty, the internet has been sent into a whirlpool or speculation and uninformed rumour mongering as websites clamber to be the first to suggest that Black Ops 2 will be this year’s entry into the franchise. I think two people have actually died… drowned by the torrent of liquid being excreted by salivating “news hounds” and fanboys.
Needless to say that the domain name accusation confirms nothing of the sort, and is merely Activision tying up its future interests (it now owns the domain names up to
That being said (and given the success of the original Black Ops), it’s entirely possible that Black Ops 2 will be the next Call of Duty. However, do not treat this domain name news as evidence for that.