Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Best Selling Game 2018

The time is nigh, Black OpsĀ 4 fans. Last week, the month-long Barbarians Special Event stream went live on PlayStation 4, bringing with it new outfits, gestures, and more. Today, with the January 29 1.12 update, all of it comes to PC.

Barbarians is an event stream accessible via Black Market, and it brings a ton of new swag to that combat bag. There are 25 loot tiers to unlock. Such items include new outfits, calling cards, a reactive camo for the Hades LMG, as well as new tags and gestures. The final tier unlocks a brand new weapon, the KAP 45 full-auto pistol. According to the black market description, the gun is labeled Ultra rare and can provide “fast-fire rate with high damage output.”

Barbarians isn’t the only event stream in town, however. Last month began the Operation Absolute Zero event, which also brought loads of new content to the game. Both events – Absolute Zero and Barbarians – are running concurrently. In other words, for the next four weeks, you can earn twice the potential loot. So, if you’re feeling especially greedy, now looks like the best time to start filling those coffers with tags and stickers and other fancy doodads.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

This Offer Won’t Last Forever

To reiterate, the Barbarians Special Event lasts only four weeks. If you plan on grabbing all that precious booty, you better start soon. It’s not a leap year, so the event will likely end on March 1, rather than February 29. It should end a week earlier for PlayStation owners, however, as they unfairly got the starting gun.

Also, as far as we know, the Barbarians Event won’t be automatically available to you right off the bat. You’ll need to unlock it by leveling up once. So if you’re Tier 40, the event will open at Tier 41, and so on.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released to PC on October 12, 2018. In two months, it rocketed up the charts to become the best-selling game of the year. Yes, that’s fast. We also happened to like the game ourselves, and you can find out what our opinion is by checking out our official review.

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