Black Ops Cold War Leaks

Sony finally revealed the all important details on its PlayStation 5 system. The showcase not only revealed details on the console though, as Sony showed off some brand new games. Call of Duty was in the mix, and we got a brand new look at the campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. 

Raven Software, who is leading on campaign development, showed off a mission set in Turkey. We’ve seen glimpses of this scene throughout the existing trailers, but this one was a short mission walkthrough. Titled “Nowhere Left to Run,” the gameplay clip showed off some undercover infiltration, long range sniping and a not-so-stealthy vehicle section.

In the trailer, the all-important target was missed, and a vehicle chase ensued. We were left wondering whether the mission played out differently if the target was hit, but we’re not sure Call of Duty is that dynamic. Once it all kicks off, it’s your typical over-the-top Call of Duty shenanigans; explosions, unrealistic driving stunts, and…more explosions.

Next generation graphics in times past

Visually, the game looks pretty sleek, even if it’s not completely powered by Modern Warfare 2019’s new tech. There’s certainly that Black Ops style to the visual setup, and it looks a notch better than Treyarch’s recent efforts. According to Sony, the Black Ops Cold War campaign mission was captured entirely on PS5 hardware.

Black Ops Cold War campaign

Another Black Ops Cold War announcement came out of Sony’s presentation, too. PS4 players can jump on an alpha build of multiplayer this coming weekend, and it’s open to all PS4 users, even those without PlayStation Plus. While this isn’t open to PC users, it’s worth noting if you’re a multiplatform player. It could be worth a quick go before the real-deal beta kicks off on PC and Xbox too, next month.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches November 13 on PC.

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