Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War mid-season content is nearly here

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Last month, Treyarch delivered a pretty substantial update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Season one provided a much needed boost to the game’s multiplayer, delivering new maps, weapons, game modes and more. However, the developer did hold some Black Ops Cold War content back for a mid-season update, and that’s nearly ready to go.

The next batch of content arrives for the latest Call of Duty next week, on January 14. The most notable new addition is Sanatorium, a brand new map for the large-scale Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode. This is the mode’s first new map since launch, where only two were present to begin with. Sanatorium should prove some nice new variation to Fireteam Dirty Bomb then.

6v6 multiplayer isn’t being forgotten though, as Treyarch is adding a new mode for smaller scale warfare. Drop Kick makes its debut, a mode all about fighting for control over nuclear codes. It should be no surprise that such a premise makes its debut in a Cold War-themed game.

For the horde

Many of you zombies players might have noticed that the mode was a little neglected with season one. Black Ops Cold War still contains one solitary zombies map, and December’s update only introduced a holiday-themed event. While this mid-season update still doesn’t add a new map (it’s likely coming in season two), a more substantial new mode is coming.

Black Ops Cold War Patch

Cranked mode originated in Call of Duty multiplayer. It’s a mode all about racking up kills quickly, as a timer counts down to your death unless you get another kill. The mode is being transported into zombies in Black Ops Cold War, offering up a change of pace for players. Cranked goes against that hunker-down-mentality that Call of Duty zombies originally went for, but alternative modes are always welcome.

A pre-patch went live yesterday, rotating current playlists and implementing some bug fixes. The big mid-season update for Black Ops Cold War is set to go live on January 14.

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