Black Ops Cold War Milano 821

The Milano 821 submachine gun was one of the weapons available in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta. With the release of the full game, more attachments are now available for the Milano. So far, submachine guns have proved to be powerful, for example, the MP5. The Milano is fully automatic, dealing high damage with a slow fire rate. Better yet, the submachine gun is unlocked at level 13, so it should not be long until the weapon is in your hands.

To begin, the 9.5” Takedown Barrel increases your effective damage range by a quarter. You may find this useful as the recent patch nerfed the range on every submachine gun. Next, the Steady Aim Laser improves your hipfire accuracy, which is useful in close range combat. In addition, the Foregrip Underbarrel will assist you with your horizontal recoil, improving the accuracy of the weapon. Pairing this with the Impact Handle will significantly increase your aim flinch stability. Finally, the Tactical Stock will allow you to move faster while aiming.

Overall, this class makes the Milano 821 a powerful weapon at close range, which is also the main purpose of a submachine gun. Therefore, you can play more aggressive and get up close and personal with the enemy and the objective. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has extensive weapon customization options though. Instead, you may want to swap out the barrel for a 45-Round Drum Magazine to increase your ammunition capacity. Alternately, you may want to use the Fast Magazine, allowing you to reload quicker.

Will the Milano 821 become the meta?

It will be interesting to see which submachine gun becomes the meta as the game develops. There is no doubt that the Milano 821 is a strong contender in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Perhaps more weapons will be introduced to the game with the release of the first season.

Black Ops Cold War Milano 821

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