Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Mode

The Call of Duty companion app may have accidentally leaked a new Black Ops Cold War mode. Eagle-eyed players noticed a Black Ops Cold War “Outbreak mode” mentioned on the app and advertised as a “large-scale zombies experience.” Activision quickly removed the leak, but the internet is too fast. A screenshot of the mysterious page has been circulating on Twitter.

ModernWarzone, the Twitter account dedicated to Call of Duty leaks, shared an image from the Call of Duty website. The page introduced players to the Outbreak mode, calling it a new experience. A follow-up image then revealed that the Outbreak mention was removed. Now, the page simply reads, “ZOMBIES. ARE. BACK.” Reddit user MrTheRevertz- also shared a page with a button inviting fans to watch a trailer. Unfortunately, no one caught a glimpse of the trailer.

Neither Activision nor Treyarch have confirmed the new Black Ops Cold War Outbreak mode. However, we do have a confirmed date for the Cold War and Warzone Season Two release: February 25. This week’s cinematic trailer featured some new faces and a jungle setting that may indicate a new map. Perhaps Treyarch will incorporate the new Black Ops Cold War Outbreak mode in Season Two, but it’s hard to say if it will be in the immediate future. (Thanks, PCGN)

Treyarch has been dropping zombie-related hints in Warzone

Okay, so the Black Ops Cold War Outbreak mode leak isn’t entirely surprising given some recent hints found in Warzone. Earlier this week, players discovered a mysterious trial machine in the Verdansk Hospital map with “activate zombies” in the script. Plus, some dialogue on the Rebirth Island map mentioned the “Russian ship Vodyanoy,” which fans suspect may be smuggling the same biochemical weapon that previously appeared in Black Ops Cold War zombies modes.

Again, it’s not confirmed if Treyarch really intended to hint at a new zombies mode, but the hints and leaks in the past few days seem to be anything but coincidental.

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